11 July 2007

The Beat Goes On

Some time has passed since the last post, time that has been (mostly) well spent. I have the grandkids for the summer ... all six of them, mind you ... and only two computers in the house. You do the math. That said, I want to change the tempo of this blog a little. Previously, I had posted only information on the effects of chemical exposure. From time to time, I will continue to do so but for the most part, future posts will be more in keeping with my wicked sense of humor and spirit of play.

To that end, allow me to treat you to some delicious links that I have discovered over the past few months. Some are old but more fun the second time around. ALL links will be child-safe. Feel free to submit some of your own links; I'll be happy to post them with credit.

First, my thanks to Cory at 'Didn't You Hear' for the 'Comment Charity' inspiration! Following his lead, I will make a donation to charity for every comment posted to this blog. Currently, I plan to support two worthy organizations, Movies For Free, which donates movies to disabled or housebound individuals, and Modest Needs, which offers grants to individuals and families experiencing a financial emergency.

So, enjoy the links and be sure to leave a comment!

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